Solving The Drink Dilemma

You know when you’re at a party with a drink in one hand and a plate in the other and there’s no graceful way to shake hands or use a napkin? Or when you’re camping or at the beach, and there’s no place to put your drink except in the dirt or sand? And someone always knocks it over?

Now, the patented Drink Daddy? solves the drink dilemma. The only portable, height adjustable food and beverage holder of its kind, Drink Daddy? moves to just the right height to keep your drinks and snacks handy and secure –– whether you’re sitting on the grass, in a chair or standing. Operating similarly to an umbrella, Drink Daddy? unfolds to form a taut tabletop complete with drink and stemware holders. Securely holding several hot or cold beverages and food items simultaneously, Drink Daddy? is easy to set up in almost any terrain.

Drink Daddy? makes it easy to serve your favorite food and drinks when you’re enjoying the great outdoors.

The Story of How Drink Daddy? Began

The seeds of Drink Daddy? were planted on a grassy hillside one hot summer day as Dirk Franklin and his wife Gwen were relaxing under the shade of a California Oak tree. They were drinking wine, as they often did, and reading and lounging. Everything was wonderful, except for the fact that they couldn’t put their wine glasses down. You see, they were on a slope and no matter how they arranged their shoes or books or magazines as quasi cup holders, the wine glasses wouldn’t stay standing.

Dirk really appreciates a nice glass of wine in a real glass and it was quite aggravating for him to spill even one drop. He was annoyed to the point that he couldn’t completely relax. After continued complaining by Dirk, Gwen suggested he design something to keep his glass steady. She thought he would spend five minutes fashioning a solution out of a coat hanger or something similar. But being the engineer that he is, Dirk immediately started hatching a much more elaborate plan for something infinitely more useful than any coat hanger contraption could ever be.

Thousands of hours, scores of prototypes, endless discussions and constant field-testing resulted in the Drink Daddy? we know and love today.

Dirk Franklin, Founder & Inventor

Dirk Franklin has more than 20 years experience as a high-tech marketing executive. As a Business Unit Director and Product Marketing Director for multiple companies, Dirk has led the product development and marketing efforts for a few dozen successful new products.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in electronic engineering and two patents in the semiconductor field, Dirk understands how product design and functionality impact the user experience. With that in mind, Dirk designed Drink Daddy?, for which he also holds a patent. Working alongside mechanical and industrial engineers as well as industrial designers, Dirk spent countless hours as he led a passionate quest to ‘get it right.’

In his spare time, Dirk enjoys riding one of his four bikes up any hill he can find. He also likes tinkering on house and mechanical projects, spending time with his wife Gwen and their two boys, and savoring a nice glass of wine every now and then.